Atmospheric science seminar series (ASSS)

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27/10 2020: Eigil Kaas (NBI). “Ongoing and upcoming developments/products of the IFS forecast system at ECMWF plus other news from the ECMWF”. The presentation is here.

10/11 2020: Kasper Tølløse (NBI/DMI) (45 min - MSc thesis lecture). “Development and implementation of a neural network based PBL turbulence parameterization scheme”. The presentation is here.

24/11 2020: Peter Ukkonen (NBI/DMI). “Using machine learning for parameterization of gas-optics in next generation radiation schemes” The presentation is here.

8/12 2020: Simon Jacobsen (NBI) (45 min - MSc thesis lecture). “A study of the impact of very large wind farms on regional weather using the WRF model in high resolution.” . Recording of the presentation. Copy of the chat during the presentation. The presentation is here

15/12 2020: Bent Hansen Sass (DMI). “Forecasting spatial structure of local precipitation extremes in the HARMONIE forecasting system”. The presentation is here. Recording of the presention.

22/12 2020: CANCELLED – See e-mail. Eigil Kaas (NBI) and Aksel Walløe Hansen (NBI). “How has the quality of ECMWF products/forecasts improved over time as compared to, e.g., JMA = Japan Meteorological Agency, CMC = Canadian Meteorological Centre, UKMO = the UK Met Office, KMA = Korea Meteorological Administration, NCEP = U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction, DWD = Deutsche Wetterdienst?” (C)

5/1 2021: CANCELLED – See e-mail. Aksel Walløe Hansen (NBI). “Limits for usage of sustainable energy” (C).

12/1 2021: Michael Skelbæk Kamp (DMI). “Fremtiden for”. Recording of the presentation.

19/1 2021: Xiaohua Yang (DMI). “The Harmonie data assimilation system”. The presentation is here.

9/2 2021: OBS OBS: moved to next week due to another meeting.

16/2 2021: Kristian Pagh Nielsen (DMI). “Calculation of radiation in HARMONIE and IFS”. Recording of the presentation. Copy of the chat during the presentation.

23/2 2021: Ulas Im ENVS/AU). Future Arctic aerosol burdens and impacts on radiative forcing and climate change as simulated by an ensemble of the GISS-E2.1 earth system model” (C)

2/3 2021: Emy Alerskans (FieldSense/NBI/DMI): “Local forecasts based on post-processing of NWP data (“super Byvejr”)” (C).

9/3 2021: Kasper Tølløse (NBI/DMI). “Prediction of atmospheric dispersion on all scales for emergency preparedness.(C)

16/3 2021: Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen (NBI). “AR6: the Long and Winding Road.” (C)

30/3 2021: Peter Langen (ENVS/AU). “AVAITING TITLE” (C)

6/4 2021: Alexander Baklanov, WMO: Urban Integrated Systems for climate smart and sustainable cities, or on Seamless Coupled Chemistry-Meteorology Modelling (CCMM) for Earth System Prediction.” (almost C)

13/4 2021: Shuting Yang (DMI). “EC-Earth. Status, developments and results.” (C)

27/4 2021: Henrik Vedel (DMI). “Forecasts of sustainable energy production” (discussed, but still to be confirmed)

11/5 2021: Wiebke Kolbe (DMI/NBI) (45 min – MSc thesis lecture). “Testing the usage of neural networks in the shortwave radiation parameterization of the WRF model.” (C)

25/5 2021: Henrik Feddersen (DMI). “The ensemble forecasting system at DMI” (C)

to be continued.