Curriculum Vitae



History of Physical Oceanography

since 2012: Professor at NBI, Copenhagen

2005-2011: Scientist I-III at NCAR

2003: Research Scientist at MIT

2002: Postdoc at MIT


Rossby Award for best thesis in 2002

2002, PhD in Physical Oceanography, MIT/WHOI

Community Service:

Organizer of Bornoe Summer School on Watermass Transformation (since 2013)
Member of WCRP Polar Climate and Predictability Initiative (since 2013)
Member of CLIVAR process study and model improvement panel ( 2012-2014)
Member of CLIVAR of ocean biogeochemistry working group (2012-2014)
Member of NASA SST panel (2010-2014)
Member of CLIVAR Pacific Implementation panel (2009-2012)
Founder of SUNNY, the Scripps-NCAR student exchange (2008-2014)
Visiting scientist at IPRC (Honolulu, spring 2007)
Chair of the CLIVAR-TACE modelling working group (2006-2009)
Convener at Ocean Sciences (2006)
Award for Excellence in Reviewing (GRL, 2005)
Associate Editor for Journal of Geophysical Research (2003-2012)

Advisor and Co-Advisor to eight graduate students
(H. Seo, UCSD 2008; L. Zhou, UMD 2009;
J. Wang, MIT 2011; S. Stevenson, CU 2011;
A. Subramanian, UCSD 2012; H. Kleppin, KU 2016;
S. Nielsen, 2018; M. Poulsen, 2019, both KU)

Field Work:

Observational Campaigns in
Gulf of Mexico (2001, PI: J. Vermersh)
Equatorial West Atlantic (2000, PI: D. Fratantoni)
Agulhas Retroflection (1997, PI: O. Boebel)
Weddell Gyre (1996, PI: E. Fahrbach)
Equatorial West Atlantic (1994, PI: F. Schott)