This report gives an outline of the advances made in the field of geodesy in China during the four-year period of 1999-2002. It includes the following contents:

£¨1£©Progress in space geodesy techniques such as satellite positioning, SLR,VLBI measurement and satellite altimetry and their applications in geodynamics research such as plate movement measurement, inner-plate deformation monitoring, earth rotation change and sea level change.

£¨2£©Gravity measurement and partial gravity field refining in China.

£¨3£©Partial Geoid refining in China.

£¨4£©Superconductive gravity measurement and the research on terrestrial tide.

£¨5£©Ocean geodesy in China.

£¨6£©Advances made in data processing in China.

The current report is published only in CD.


Prof. CHEN Junyong
Chairman of Chinese
National Committee of IAG
Prof. HU Jianguo
Secretary of Chinese
National Committee of IAG