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In Memoriam





ALWYN  R  ROBBINS (1920-2002)


Dr Robbins (Alwyn to his many friends and colleagues), one of the most distinguished British geodesists and ex-Chairman of the Royal Society's Geodesy Subcommittee, has died on 10 January 2002.  Alwyn was born in Lydney, Gloucestershire, in 1920.  He was educated at Blundell's School in Tiverton, Devon, and at Hertford College, Oxford, where he won an open mathematical scholarship and two exhibitions.  He graduated from Oxford in 1940 with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics.  While at Hertford, he wore the college colours in rowing, squash and tennis.

Alwyn Robbins saw war service with the Survey Branch of the Royal Engineers, gaining a commission in 1940.  In 1947 he was appointed to his first academic post at Oxford and, after successive promotions, he became in 1966 Reader and Head of the Department of Surveying and Geodesy.

His scientific publications covered a wide field in Geodesy and Photogrammetry, with outstanding contributions to knowledge in Geodetic Astronomy and the design and development of the Chronochord (printing crystal clock).  His scientific achievements were recognised by the International Association of Geodesy which elected him Secretary of Section I (Control Surveys) of the Association, and President of the Special Study Group on Geodetic Astronomy.  He was a United Kingdom delegate to many international scientific assemblies and symposia.  As Chairman of the Geodesy Subcommittee of the National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics, he was appointed Chief United Kingdom Delegate to the XVI General Assembly of the International Association of Geodesy in Grenoble in 1975 and in Canberra in 1979.

Robbins travelled widely, lecturing and holding temporary research appointments in many countries, including the USA, Canada and New Zealand.  He was also a moderator and external examiner for a large number of British and foreign universities.

He was held in great esteem by the international geodetic community.  Many of his ex-students occupy senior government and academic positions in Geodesy and Geomatics throughout the world.  These include Professor Gerard Lachapelle, Head of the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary in Canada, and Professor Kurt Lambeck who holds the Chair of Geophysics at the Research School of Earth Sciences in The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

Robbins will be remembered by his many friends, ex-colleagues and ex-students not only as an outstanding geodesist and an excellent teacher, but also as a kind, warm hearted and cheerful person, with a sense of humility and fairness in the best British tradition.  Alwyn Robbins will be greatly missed by his wife Mary, his children  Rowena and Mike, and his two grandchildren.

Vidal Ashkenazi



Meeting announcement


United Nations regional workshop on the use of space technology for disaster management for Africa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  -  UN Conference Center, 1 - 5 july 2002,


Web sites: www.oosa.unvienna.org/SAP/stdm and www.uneca.org/disd



International Workshop on Satellite Altimetry for Geodesy, Geophysics and Oceanography:

Summer Lecture Series and Scientific Applications


Wuhan, China, Sept 8-13.


2nd Announcement and Call for Papers at Workshop web site:  http://www.whiag.wtusm.edu.cn or



3rd  meeting of the International Gravity and geoid commission

Thessaloniki, Grece, August 26-30, 2002


Second announcement available from web site of the conference at  http://der.topo.auth.gr/gg2002.



Joint BGI/ICET Summer School 2002 onTerrestial gravity data acquisions techniques

Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, September 4-11 2002,


Web site: http://bgi.cnes.fr



Workshop on vertical crustal moton and sea level change.

Toulouse, France,17 - 19 September 2002


More information via http:// www.soest.hawaii.edu/cgps_tg

or by email to: Michael Bevis, Christian Le Provost, Phillip Woodworth:

bevis@soest.hawaii.edu, christian.Le-Provost@cnes.fr,   plw@pol.ac.uk


International Symposium on interaction between volcanoes and their basement and related geological hazards,

Santiago - Chile, 22-23 October 2002,


Website:  http://www.igm.cl/Inicio.htm



Book Review.


Satellite Orbits


title:                 Satellite Orbits - Models, Methods and Applications

authors:           Oliver Montenbruck and Eberhard Gill

publisher:        Springer Verlag - Berlin/Heidelberg/New York

ISBN:              3-540-67280-X

year:                2000

price:               US$ 65

pages:              369

size:                 16 x 24 cm

details:                        hard cover


The textbook ‘Satellite Orbits’ by O. Montenbruck and E. Gill is not like any other of the many textbooks on satellite orbits that are around. The distinct difference is in the subtitle ‘Models, Methods and Applications’. Particularly these topics have seen significant progress over the last decade. Many new techniques, new methods and improved models have been developed to meet the increasingly challenging demands on satellite orbit determination. Thousands of reports and journal articles describe these recent accomplishments, but a few of these are included in textbooks.

In the onset this textbook identifies the satellites for which the orbit determination is of considerable importance, like ERS-1, LAGEOS and GRACE (to name a few) and which instrumentation is needed to provide accurate orbit determination, like GPS and satellite laser ranging. The focus is thus immediately turned to geodetic and remote sensing satellites and orbit determination down to the centimetre level.

The textbook then covers an impressive number of topics that are intrinsically connected with modern orbit determination of such satellites. Step by step each black box in a complex orbit determination process gets unravelled. The physical reality is converted into mathematical algorithms and computational models. After a brief introduction into orbit dynamics, the textbook discusses the vast spectrum of gravitational, drag and radiation forces, and modern numerical techniques for the computation of satellite trajectories based on precise satellite tracking data.

The authors provide insight in all the building blocks of an orbit determination program. Every chapter brings the reader one step closer to understanding how such a program works, or one step closer to writing one. In fact, for those who have such aspirations, this is the book to start with.

This numerical aspect is supported by an accompanying CD-ROM containing a very practical and well commented orbit dynamics software library in C++ source code. In part the software supports instructive and often challenging exercises at the end of each chapter. The last chapter deals exclusively with three comprehensive computer programs that combine all the methods and models that have passed by the reader thus far. Prominent are two mini orbit determination programs, one using Kalman filtering for real-time orbit determination based on GPS tracking, the other using the ‘classical’ least-squares parameter estimation for the orbit determination of geostationary satellites.

The authors have clearly exploited the flexibility of object-oriented C++ coding, making the code very transparent, even for those with lesser computer skills. These programs are provided as executables for Windows and Linux, but can easily be compiled on other platforms.

Before using the textbook, some prior knowledge of astrodynamics and numerical analysis is recommended, otherwise the learning curve may be too steep. Beyond that initial hurdle, the textbook takes the reader through the material at a regular pace. The text is pleasantly written and nearly flawless. Extensive derivations of mathematical formulations are clearly avoided but essential steps are never skipped. Moreover, newly found algorithms are always illustrated with an application, in words, tables, and graphics.

All in all, this is an outstanding textbook and lasting reference for graduate students in any related field, scientists, and professionals alike. The book is not only an up-to-date reference by itself, illustrating the most recent applications, methods and models, but at the same time an indispensable source of reference, providing a list of hundreds of relevant books, reports and articles plus a collection of Internet hyperlinks to frequently updated on-line resources.

Remko Scharroo, Delft University of Technology / The Netherlands


Fast Bibliography.


The fast bibliography consists of a listing of papers relevant to Geodesy, that has been collected by the IAG bibliographic service since previous issue of the fast bibliography (JG75/12). The IAG bibliographic service is based on the literary data bank GEOPHOKA, which is maintained by IfAG at the Branch Office Leipzig, Leipzig Zentrale technisch ‑ wissenschaftliche Angelegenheiten, Bibliothek, Karl ‑ Rothe‑Strasse 10‑14, 04105 Leipzig, Germany. The IAG bibliographic service can be reached at the following Internet address: http://www.leipzig.ifag.de. The bibliographic services are furthermore reachable through the homepage of IAG.


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