List of World Wide Web servers for Geodesy and related sciences.

O. B. Andersen

The list is compiled from major international Web directories and is a snapshot of available servers.

The list is by no mean complete and daily updates occurs.

Geoscience organisations. AGU ""
EGS ""
IAG ""
IAVCEI "http://www-"
ICE ""
SCOSTEP " /sostep.html
Geosciences in general
European Commission's Centre for Earth Observation ""
ESA Earth Observation Guide and Directory Service ""
Gateway to Antarctica. The International Centre for Antarctic Info. and Res. ""
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam ""
GIS/Remote Sensing/GPS/Geoscience ""
Global Change: International Geosphere Biosphere Prog. (IGBP)
Data and Information System of the IGBP ""
Global Change Data Center at Goddard SFC ""
Global Change Master Directory at Goddard SFC "" ""
Global Land Information System ""
Internet GIS Information Sites (under construction) "http://www.ifp.uni-"
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA ""
National Geodetic Survey ""
National Space Science Data Center ""
NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center ""
Earth Sciences Directorate ""
Very Long Baseline Interferometry program for geodesy ""
NASA, Earth Observing System (EOS) ""
Science Office at EOSDIS Core System (ECS) "" ""
Mission to Planet Earth ""
NCSA Digital Library Overview " overview.html"
NOAA Geosciences Laboratory(Geody, Sat and Ocean Dyn) ""
On-line Earth Science Journals Overseas users: ""
Planet Earth Home Page ""
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Earth Sciences " EarthSciences.html"
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Earth Sciences Org " es-orgs-by-location.html"
On-Line Resources for Earth Scientists by Bill Thoen " geology_resources/ORES/earthscience.html"
Geosciences Services of Notice " geosciences.html"
Artificial satellites and Space Geodesy ""
Astronomische Berechnungen " ex-scherer/astro.html"
AUSLIG: Australian Surveying and Land Information Group ""
Bureau des Longitudes, Paris ""
Cagliari Astronomical Observatory, Italy (Int. Latitude Station) "" Satellite Laser Ranging Station ""
Time and Frequency Laboratory ""
Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Penc, Hungary ""
Space VLBI Project "" GPS Project ""
Canadian Space Geodesy Forum (CANSPACE) " CANSPACE.html"
Canadian Superconducting Gravimeter Data ""
Coordinate Systems Overview by Peter H. Dana " gcraft/notes/coordsys/coordsys.html"
Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS) ""
Darmstadt Technical Univ. ""
Delft Univ. of Tech., Section for Space Res. and Tech. ""
Altimetry Atlas ""
Satellite Laser Ranging for ERS-1 ""
Delft Univ. of Tech., Faculty of Geodetic Eng. ""
FMR: Physical, Geometrical, and Space Geodesy ""
Dresden Kartographic Institute ""
Earth Orientation and Time Data available over the internet ""
Geodetic calculations " scherer/home/Geodaesie.html"
Geodetic Datum Overview by Peter H. Dana " gcraft/notes/datum/datum.html"
Geodetic Information System (GeodIS) of the German Geodetic Res. Institute (DGFI/I) ""
EUROLAS Data Center (EDC) " edc/edc.html"
Literature of Space Geodesy " literature.html"
Geodetic Survey of Canada ""
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam " welcome_eng.html"
Recent Kinematics and Dynamics of the Earth (Department 1) " pb1/pb1_eng.html"
The Laser Satellite GFZ-1 (information in English) ""
German Geodetic Res. Inst Munich (DGFI, Abt.I) " DGFIHomePage.html"
GIS/Remote Sensing/GPS/Geoscience (Int.e Server) ""
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ""
Radio and Geoastronomy Division ""
Space Geodesy Group ""
IERS (International Earth Rotation Service) ""
Institut for Geodesy and Photogrammetri Berlin ""
Institut for Geodesy and Photogrammetrie Braunschweig ""
Institut for Geodesy Munich ""
Institut for Geodesy and (IAG() Stuttgart " UNIuser/iagb/home/iagb.html"
Inst. f. Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry ""
Sect. f. Applied Geodesy and Eng. Surveying ""
Sect. f. Surveying and Land Information ""
Inst. f. Theoretical Geodesy ""
Sect. f. Mathematical Geodesy and Geoinformatics ""
Sect. f. Physical Geodesy "" Int. Association of Geodesy (IAG) WWW Server ""
Institut Géographique National (LAREG) ""
Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe/European VLBI Network ""
Kashima Space Res. Center, Japan ""
Radio Astronomy Applications Section ""
Space Geodesy ""
Kort- og Matrikelstyrelsen, National Survey - Denmark ""
Altimetry Atlas " gravimetry.html/"
MIT Geodesy and Geodynamics Laboratory " geodesy/geodesy.html"
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory ""
Southern California Integrated GPS Network ""
Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry Project ""
Topex/Poseidon Home Page ""
NASA, Space Geodesy Branch. NASA/GSFC Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics ""
Space Geodesy and Altimetry Projects Office (SGAPO) ""
NASA SLR Sites "
SLR System Configuration Information " slrsys_list.html"
SLR Satellite Constellation ""
Geodynamics Branch ""
Technical Report Server Online search in data base of publications. " cgi-bin/NTRS"
National Geodetic Survey ""
Products ""
Geoid '93 "
GPS Precise Orbits ""
NOAA Geosciences Laboratory ""
Advanced Tech. Branch ""
GPS Activities ""
VLBI Data Analysis Center " VLBI.html"
Geodynamics Branch ""
Gravimetric Res. " GRAV.html"
Satellite and Ocean Dyn. Branch (analysis of sat alt. data) ""
NOAA & USNO, National Earth Orientation Service (NEOS), IERS Bulletins A and B, TAI-UTC, IERS Standards, etc ""
Norwegian Inst of Tech, Dept of Surv and mapping, ""
NRAO Green Bank ""
Geodetic 20 meter Telescope ""
Ocean Tide models available on the Internet ""
Ohio State Univ. Center For Mapping ""
Onsala Space Observatory ""
Geodetic VLBI Observations ""
Plate Motion Calculator " tamaki-html/plate_motion.html"
Satellite Laser Ranging leaflet by the Royal Greenwich Observatory
" slr/slr.html"
Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center (SOPAC) ""
Southern California Earthquake Center, UCLA office ""
GPS Group ""
Sternberg Astronomical Institute ""
Division of Gravitational Measurements ""
Swiss Federal Inst Tech. (ETH), Zurich: Dept of Geod Sciences ""
Tables of Contents in Geodesy ""
Tide models available on the Internet ""
Univ. of New Brunswick, Dept of Geod. and Geom. Eng. ""
Univ. of Ljubljana: Faculty of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy ""
Univ. of Texas, Center for Space Res. (CSR) ""
Topex/Poseidon Global Sea Level Analysis ""
US Naval Observatory.
US Naval Observatory WWW server ""
Astrometry Department ""
Optical Interferometer " npoi.html"
FTP Server with GPS information etc. "file://"
WWW Servers for Space Geodesy ""
Mapping and photogrammetry
Canada Centre for Mapping ""
Cartographic Data Archive ""
EPF Lausanne ""
TU-Graz - ??????
Sect. f. Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Cartography ""
History of Cartography Project ""
Institute of Photogrammetry, Bonn ""
Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Braunschweig ""
Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Karlsruhe ""
Institute of Geodinformation, Karlsruhe " html/fbg.html"
Institute of Photogrammetry, Stuttgart ""
Institute of Karthography, Dresden ""
Institute of Photogrammetry, Dresden ""
Institute of Photogrammetry, Trier ""
Institute of Photogrammetry, TU Wien ""
Map Projections by Peter H. Dana "
Ohio State Univ. Center For Mapping ""
Ordnance Survey, the National Mapping Agency of Great Britain ""
Photogram, Geography, Geology, Rem. Sens., Cartography, GIS " subject/index.html"
Swiss Federal Institute of Tech. (ETH), Zurich: Depat of Geod.c Sciences ""
Institute of Cartography " start_karto.html"
Institute of Geodesy and Photogram, Chair of Photogrammetry "
The Perry-Castantildeda Lib Map Collection, Uni of Texas at Austin " Map_collection/Map_collection.html"
TU Berlin Dept for Kartography , " Karto/KIV/Overview.html"
University of Nottingham ""
WWWVL: Cartography Resources "
related WWW Servers from Chair of Photogra and Rem. Sens. Zurich " www_related.html"
Map-Related Web Sites " Map_collection/map_sites.html"
American Geophysical Union ""
European Geophysical Society (EGS) ""
JPL PO.DAAC - Physical Ocean Dist Active Archive Center ""
Universiteit Utrecht, Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Res. ""
Satellite Altimetry: Topex/. Ress (Ocean Circ. + Climate) ""
WWW VL: Geophysics " VL-Geophysics.html"
Geographic Resources " gcraft/resource/contents.html"
Geography Departments Worldwide ""
GIS/Remote Sensing/GPS/Geoscience ""
World Factbook 1994 CIA " fb94toc/fb94toc.html"
Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum Hamburg ""
Institut für Meteorologie der FU Berlin ""
Meteorological Publications ""
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Meteorology " DataSources/MetIndex.html"
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS) ""
Delft Univ. of Tech., Space Res,The GPS Page ""
GIBS: GPS Information Bulletin Board System</b ""
Int. GPS Service for Geodynamics ""
KMS National Survey and Cadastre - Denmark: GPS page ""
National Geodetic Survey of the USA ""
GPS Precise Orbits ""
Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) ""
NOAA Geosciences Laboratory ""
Advanced Tech. Branch ""
GPS Activities ""
MIT Geophysics Geodesy and Geodynamics Laboratory " geodesy.html"
GPS Res ""
Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Penc, Hungary ""
GPS Project ""
Southern California Earthquake Center, UCLA office ""
GPS Group ""
Southern California Integrated GPS Networks ""
Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center (SOPAC) ""
The Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) " SFCSIC_main.html"
Univ. of Munich, Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Eng. ""
Univ. NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO) ""
US Naval Observatory "file://"
Ocean Science

Ocean Data
AVHRR SST data (NOAA/NASA Pathfinder) ""
AVHRR SST data (Univ. of Rhode Island) " archive.html"
Center for Coastal Studies, SIO, UCSD (&amp; Data Zoo) ""
Live Access to Climate Databases ""
TOGA-TAO Page with Realtime Data Access " el-nino/home.html"
Ames Res. Center, K-12) ""
Connection to education bulletin board ""
Earth System Science Community ""
Education catalog (a Web starting point) ""
Educational Res. Info. Center (ERIC),Web start point ""
Educational resources document " Edudoc.html"
El Nino Theme Page " el-nino/home.html"
Exploring Satellite oceanography on the WWW ""
Oceanography course - Bill Prothero ""
Radar imagery with teaching unit ""
Sea Surface Temperature data and a lesson " archive.html"
TOPEX/POSEIDON information and images ""
Weather and Climate Outreach " education/eduhome.html"
Ocean science in General (mostly US) AGU ""
ASF Science ""
Australian Oceanographic Data Centre (AODC) ""
AVHRR SST data (NOAA/NASA Pathfinder) ""
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing ""
Center for Coastal Studies, SIO, UCSD ""
Climatology for TOGA-COARE and Adjacent Regions ""
Coastal Zone Project ""
Data Distribution Lab. with CD-ROM directory ""
Datasets at NCAR ""
Decoded Offshore Weather Data "
Earth related satellite FAQs "
ECS Electronic Data Handling System (EDHS) ""
El Nino education " el-nino/home.html"
ENSO " cdc_home.html"
EOS and Mission to Planet Earth ""
EOSDIS Management Information System "
EOSDIS Ciesin DAAC " ciesin-home.html"
EOSDIS EDC DAAC's " landdaac.html"
EOSDIS ORNL DAAC " daac.html"
Fluid dynamics, Oceanography &amp; Meteorology " WWW.fluids/homepage/index.html"
Global Change Master Directory ""
Global Sea Level Change ""
HDF information server ""
Int. Arctic Buoy Program (IABP) ""
JPL PO.DAAC Homepage ""
LDEA Climate Group Home Page ""
Live Access to Climate Databases " main-menu.html"
MODIS Airborne Simulator " Home.html"
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory ""
NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Homepage ""
NASDA " intro/eois/eois_e.html"
National Center for Supercomputing Applications " NCSAHome.html"
National Geophysical Data Center: ""
National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) ""
NCAR Data Archive ""
NCAR Home Page ""
NEMO - Oceanographic Data Server (SIO) ""
Net Information resources ""
NOAA ESDIM Home Page ""
NOAA Home Page ""
NSSDC CD-ROM Catalog "
Ocean Info Center (OCEANIC) at U of Delaware ""
Ocean Res. Institute, Univ. of Tokyo ""
Oceanography on the WWW " oceanography.links.html"
Oceanographic directory ""
Oceanographic education lesson plans ""
Oceanography Society News ""
Oceans SST Pathfinder (NOAA/NASA ) ""
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) ""
San Diego Supercomputing Center ""
Satellite Altimetry ""
Scientific Data Format Information FAQ " faq.html"
Scripps Institution of Oceanography ""
SeaWiFS ""
SIR-C/XsSAR images ""
Software Support Laboratory (NASA) " ssl_homepage.html"
Tech. exposition ""
The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) ""
The World-Wide Web Library: Oceanography " oceanography.html"
TOGA COARE Information Services Web Site "
TOGA-TAO Page with Realtime Data Access " toga-tao/home.html"
TOGA/COARE Data Catalog ""
TOPEX/Poseidon data (AVISO) ""
U of Hawaii School of Ocean & amp ""
U of Hawaii Satellite Oceanography Lab. ""
US Joint Global Oceans Flux Study ""
USGS Atlantic Marine Geology: ""
USGS Global Change Res. Program ""
WOCE Data Information Unit ""
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ""
World Wide Web Virtual Library -Earth Sci. "

IAG Home Page
on the World Wide Web.
O.B. Andersen
IAG Assistant Secretary General.
IAG Central Bureau
Department of Geophysics
Juliane Mariesvej 30
DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
E-mail (Direct):
The IAG Central Bureau have set up a home page on the World Wide Web as an open and up-to-date information medium. On this home page it is possible to access information for general use relevant to the IAG community. Among the major topics that can presently be accessed on the IAG home page are the following:
- Structure of IAG for the period 1995 - 1999.
- IAG address list of fellows and (a part of) the associates of IAG.
- IAG e-mail list.
- IAG Publication list.
- IAG Resolutions in English and French.
- IUGG structure 1991-1995.
- IUGG Officers 1995-1999.
- IUGG resolutions adopted at the XXI General Assembly (English and French).
- Information and addresses of Educational centers for Geodesy.
- Information about the IAG Special Study Groups.

- List of upcoming symposia and meeting for the next 2-3 years.
- Announcement of upcoming symposia.
- Geodesy program of selected upcoming symposia.
- The IAG newsletter.
- Links to Table of Content in Geodesy (by M&M Craymer)
- Links to other World Wide Web servers related to Geodesy via IFAG-Potsdam, Germany
- Much more...........

In order to access the IAG home page you need an INTERNET connection and a World Wide Web browser. The WWW browsers can purchased or downloaded free of charge on the INTERNET from numerous locations. Among the most popular browsers are products like Mosaic or Netscape. When you have installed a WWW browser, you can then access the IAG home page at the following INTERNET address:
E-mail (Direct) : VL-EarthSciences.html"