I- Bulletin Géodesique (after Jan. 1, 1996: Journal of Geodesy).

Four issues per year :

annual subscription

sale by unit (Springer-Verlag)

sale of back issues from vol.64 (IAG

Central Bureau) (available on paper or on microfiches).

II- Travaux de l'Association Internationale

de Géodésie (IAG Central Bureau)

Volumes edited after every General assembly

including General Reports and national Reports

(separately from 1960).

Last volume (vol. 30 : Boulder 1995) february 1996.

III- Publications Speciales

N¡ 1 - Natural trogonometric functions

(eight places, entry each centigrade).

N¡ 2 - (out of print).

N¡ 3 - Geodetic Reference System 1967.

N¡ 4 - International Gravity Standardization Net

(IGSN 1971).

All these publications are available on request to :

IAG Central Bureau, c/o Department of Geophysics

Juliane Maries Vej 30,

DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.

IV- Proceedings of the IAG-Symposia at the

IUGG General Assemblies

Vienna 1991 (published by Springer-Verlag).

Boulder 1995 (published by Springer-Verlag)

All these publications are available on request to :

Springer Verlag

Journal Production Department

Heildelberger Platz 3,

W-1000 Berlin 33, Germany.

V- Bibliographie geodesique internationale

- From 1928 to 1960 : 10 issues

- From 1961

- Cards

- Monthly Review : "Bibliographia

Geodaetica" (in English),

available at :

Zentralstelle fur Internationale Dokumentation

der Geodasie

Mommsenstrasse 13, Dresden 8027


or IFAG (under negotation)

Richard Strauss Allee 11

D-6000 Frankfurt am Main 70


VI- Catalogue of Reference Gravimetric

Stations along the European Coasts from

Norway to Italy

available at :

International Gravity Commission

Subcommission Western Europe

Bayer Akademie der Wissenschaften,

Marstallplatz 8, D-8000 Munchen 22, (F.R.G.).