Cassinis Committee.

Chairman: W. Torge (Germany)

I - Terms of Reference.

According to the By-Laws of the Association the structure must be reviewed every eight years by a committee called the Cassinis Committee. The committee reports to the Executive Committee, which also appoints its members.

A Cassinis Committee has been appointed in 1995 (see below), with the purpose of proposing structural changes to be implemented at the General Assembly in 1999.

II - Program of work.

As a preparation for the work a meeting (Cassinis Forum) were held during the General Assemmbly in Boulder, Colorado, 1995.

A first meeting of the committee has already been held following the first meeting of the Executive Committee in Copenhagen, Nov. 18, 1995.

The next meeting will be held in 1997, in connection with either the meeting of the Executive Committee or the Scientific Assembly.

III - Members.

W.Torge (Germany) - Chairman

J.O. Dickey (USA)

I.I.Mueller (USA)

F.Sansò (Italy)

H.Sünkel (Austria)

C.C.Tscherning (Denmark),

J.Y. Chen (China)

Geodetic Aspect of the Law of the Sea


Chairman : P. Vanicek (Canada)

I- Program of work

The mandate of GALOS is to formulate recommendations concerning geodetic aspects of international maritime boundary delimitation within the framework of the Law of the Sea Convention 1982 for the IAG member countries. The geodetic tasks involved in the delimitation are :

1) accurate area determination;

2) definition of offshore limits, both geometrical and as continental shelf limits;

3) definition of equidistant boundaries;

4) definition of partial effect boundaries;

5) determination of base points.

II- Members


G. Carrera (Canada) - Secretary

D. Grant (New Zealand)

E. Groten (Germany)

B.G. Harsson (Norway)

A.J. Kerr (Monaco)

F. Madsen (Denmark)

S. Mira (Indonesia)

B. Murphy (Australia)

S. Nichols (Canada)

S. Oszczak (Poland)

C. Rizos (Australia)

G. Seeber (Germany)

A.B.H. Salem (Tunisia)

L.E. Sjöberg (Sweden)

W.A. van Gein (The Netherlands)

P. Vanicek (Canada) - Chairman

J.A. Weightman (UK)

J.D. Zund (USA)


T. Katsura (Japan)


N.R. Guy (South Africa)

Ad Hoc Planning Group

Establishment of a Crustal Deformation Bureau

Chairman : W. Prescott (United States)

I. Function

It has been suggested that the time is ripe for the formation of a Crustal Deformation Bureau, which would play a role in the coordination of international crustal deformation activities similar to the role of the International Earth Rotation Service for earth rotation activities. It is the aim of this study group to evaluate this idea and make a recommendation as to whether the Association should move forward with plans for such a Bureau. In order to make this decision it is necessary to clearly define the activities and structure envisioned for such a Bureau. If a decision is made that such a Bureau is worthwhile, the discussion of activities and structure will serve as a useful starting point for the design of the Bureau.

II. Objectives

1. To consider the necessity and usefulness of the formation of a Crustal Deformation Bureau,

2. To make recommendations about the scope of activities of such a Bureau.

3. To make recommendations for how such a Bureau would be structured.

III. Membership

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