XXIth IAG General Assembly

Report of the Secretary General

Claude Boucher

The Secretary General of the International Association of Geodesy is pleased to submit to the XXIth General Assembly his report on the activities of the Association for the period between the XXth and the XXIth General Assemblies.

In accordance with the Statutes and By-Laws, the Secretary General reports on the administrative and financial affairs, the President reporting on the scientific work of the Association.

I- Administrative activities of the Association

During the past period the main features of the administrative activities were: (i) meetings of the Bureau and Executive Committee where decisions were taken on future actions of the Association and (ii) publication of scientific and administrative information.

I.1. Meeting of the Executive Committee

During this period the Executive Committee met twice:

- in Columbus,Ohio in March 1992,

- in Paris, in March 1994

and the Committee, reduced to the Bureau and the Presidents of Section, also met in Paris in March 1995. All those meetings were prepared by meetings of the Bureau. Some other meetings were held meantime, in particular during the Beijing General Meeting in August 1993.

The detailed reports of these meetings were published in the IAG Newsletter which appears at the end of each issue of the Bulletin Géodésique. . Large parts of those meetings were devoted to the preparation of the General Meeting, Beijing, August 1993, and of the present General Assembly.

A new important point was to establish the concept of IAG affiliates in accordance with our new regulations. This procedure was rather succesfull :presently we can count 190 Fellows and 1173 Associates.

Also the establishment of a IAG Fund was decided to provide travel support to young scientists, to give each year a best paper award for young scientists and to help to organize workshops in developing countries.

I.2 Publications

I.2.1. Bulletin Géodésique - This is the official journal of the IAG which is published since 1991 January 1st by the German publishing company, Springer Verlag, following an agreement between them and us. This company also publishes manuscripta geodaetica.

IAG, Springer Verlag and the editors of Manuscripta Geodaetica spend efforts towards a complete merging of both journals. This has been reached through a new formal agreement:from January 1996, a unique journal will be published under the name of Journal of Geodesy. This journal will be in particular the continuation of the Bulletin Géodésique.

The Bulletin Géodésique also included the IAG Newsletter in each of its four annual issues. This Newsletter was edited by Dr Pascal Willis, IAG Assistant Secretary and contained a number of useful informations about IAG activities,symposia announcements and reviews, book reviews,bibliography..;

I.2.2. Geodesist's Handbook - The next Geodesist's Handbook will be published by Springer Verlag in 1996 in place of one regular issue of the new Journal of Geodesy (formerly Bulletin Géodésique). This publication is now well appreciated by geodesists and non-geodesists, but it must be available early after the General Assembly to keep its interest. Dr Pascal Willis has agreed to act as the editor of this forthcoming issue .

I.2.3 Travaux de l'Association Internationale de Géodésie

Volumes of the Travaux will continue to be published by the Central Bureau of IAG. They contain the quadrennial reports concerning the activities of Sections, Commissions, Special Study Groups, Bureaus, and other Permanent Services, with the relevant bibliography. Dr Pascal Willis will be also the editor of this forthcoming issue and has already sent specifications to collect in due time individual reports from authors in word processor format.The target is to publish this volume in fall 1995.

I.2.4. Publication of Symposia Proceedings

According to the new editing policy the Proceedings of IAG Symposia are now published by Springer Verlag. This new procedure was already used for the publication of several Symposia (101 to 108).The following ones has been published since Vienna:

109 Permanent Satellite Tracking Networks for Geodesy and Geodynamics, Vienna,1991

110 From Mars to Greenland: charting gravity with Space and Airborne Instruments, Vienna,1991

111 Recent Geodetic and Gravimetric Research in Latin America, Vienna,1991

112 Geodesy and Physics of the Earth, Potsdam,1992

113 Gravity and Geoid, Graz,1994

114 Geodetic Theory Today, L’Acquila, 1994

For the other Symposia and Workshops which are only sponsored by the IAG or which are organized by IAG bodies (such as meetings of commissions or SSG) the organizers are free to choose their own publishing agency. They are however requested to have the proceedings published early after the Symposium and to inform the Central Bureau.

I.3. IAG Information System

An IAG Information System (IAGIS) has been established and maintained by the Central Bureau since 1992. This system includes informations on various topics of potential interest which were partly existing in the Geodesist's Handbook:

-directory of addresses which was permanently updated and includes more than 1800 items

- geodetic data centers

-educational institutions

-symposia related to Geodesy


-IAG and IUGG structures

Other topics are under consideration (standards,campaigns and projects,datums and coordinate systems)

This IAGIS is available on Internet since end 1993.This service also includes a forum for IAG sections and IAG Newsletters. Finally a series of IAG Mails was also initiated by the Assistant Secretary who was also manager of this system.

I.4. Scientific meetings

I.4.1. Symposia and Workshop - The list of these meetings sponsored by the IAG is given in Appendix A. One can note the large variety of topics treated and the effort towards a good geographical distribution. I must insist again on the necessity to receive from the organizers information in due time on announcement, report and publication of proceedings.These informations are redistributed as soon as possible by the Central Bureau through the IAG Newletter or IAGIS.

I.4.2. General Meeting - Such a meeting was held in Beijing, August 1993, it was the third General Meeting of IAG after the first one in Tokyo, May 1982 and the second in Edinburgh, August 1989. As the previous ones, this meeting was a real success with a very active participation of geodesists from all continents.


The financial report for the period 1991-1994 is presented in Appendix B. The following comments may be added :

II.1. Receipts

The receipts were stable from subvention point of view. The incomes from sales of publications considerably decreased even when excluding BG.

II.2. Expenditures

The expenditures were close to what was predicted with some significant differences:

The administrative expenses decreased globally with regards to the previous period but changed in nature:

- decrease of personnel item thanks to IGN support

-postage and communication (including Internet subscription) paid by IGN

-significant increase of travel supports for Executive or Bureau meetings; it is clear that it is more difficult for IAG officers to get funds from their own country so that IAG has to increase its support.

There was also a decrease of support to meetings, but partially due to accont reports for 1995. Also the role of IAG Funds has to be considered.

II.3. IAG Funds

An other initiative was to establish the IAG Fund by collecting voluntary contributions from IAG affiliates. Since 1993, more than 100 individuals have contributed to a global amount of 17 000 US $.

II.4. Bomford Prize

Dr.Thomas Herring was declared the winner of the Bomford Prize 1995 by the IAG Bureau, on the recommendation of a review committee consisting of the Presidents of Section. A cheque of 2000 US $ will be presented to him during this session. The significant increase of the amount was decided in order to maintain the Bomford prize as the major recognition from IAG, especially with regard to the Best paper Award.

The accounts concerning the Bomford Prize are included in Appendix B.

Now it is time to conclude. This is the first and last report that I am pleased to present you as Secretary General of the Association. Various considerations has pushed me as well as my colleague Pascal Willis not to prepare a new proposal for General Secretary and Central Bureau. I wish good luck to our successors . In spite of the termination of this tradition to have the Secretariat in France, I want to ensure you that we shall do our best to continue to serve IAG.

Appendix A

1st International Symposium on applications of Geodesy to Engineering, (IAG ) Stuttgart (Germany) May 13-17 1991

6th International Symposium on Satellite Positioning, Columbus (USA) March 17-20 1992

1st Continental Workshop on the Geoid in Europe Prague (Czechoslovaquia) May 11-24 1992

Symposium on Refraction of transatmospheric signals in Geodesy, The Hague (Netherlands) May 19-22 1992

International Summer School of Theoretical Geodesy "Satellite altimetry in Geodesy and Oceanography" Trieste (Italy) May 25-June 6 1992

International Workshop on GPS in the Geosciences, honouring Prof. George Veis Chania (Greece) June 8-10 1992

1st International Conference on Geodetic aspects of the Law of the Sea Bali (Indonesia) June 8-11 1992

COSPAR/IAG Meetings during the COSPAR Meeting Washington (USA) August 31-September 5 1992

IAG Regional Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements in Europe Szekesfehervar (Hungary) August 31-September 4 1992

IAU/IAG Symposium on Development of Astrometry and its impact on Astrophysics and Geodynamics, Shanghai (China) September 14-19 1992

3rd Orlov Conference "The studt of the Earth as Planet by methods of astrometry, geophysics and geodesy" Odessa (USSR) September 21-26 1992

7th International Symposium on Geodesy and Figure of the Earth (IAG 112) Potsdam (Germany) October 5-10 1992

IAG/PAIGH International Conference Cartography Geodesy Maracaibo (Venezuela) Movember 24-December 4 1992

IGS Workshop Bern (Switzerland) March 24-27 1993

IERS Workshop Paris (France) May 2-6 1993

EUREF Symposium Budapest (Hungary) May 17-19 1993

12th International scientific Symposium on Earth Tides Beijing (China) August 3-8 1993

IAG General Meeting;Beijing (China) August 8-15 1993

1st International Symposium on Mathematical and Physical Foundations of Geodesy Stuttgart (Germany) September 7-9 1993

International Workshop on Geodetic techniques in Crustal Movement and Deformation studies Lagos (Nigeria) October 18-22 1993

8th International Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements Kobe (Japan) December 6-11 1993

3rd Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Mathematical Geodesy , (IAG 114) L'Aquila (Italy) May 29-June 2 1994

EUREF Symposium Warsaw (Poland) June 8-11 1994

6th WEGENER Meeting St Petersburg (Russia) June 20-24 1994

International Symposium on Kinematic Systems in Geodesy, Geomatics and Navigation KIS 94 Banff (Canada) August 30-September 2 1994

1st Turkish International Symposium on Deformations Istambul (Turkey) September 5-9 1994

Joint Meeting of the IGC and IGeC (IAG 113) Graz (Austria) September 12-16 1994

International Symposium on Marine Positioning INSMAP 94 Hannover ((Germany) September 19-23 1994

International School for the Determination and Use of the Geoid Milan (Italy) October 10-15 1994

9th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation Canberra (Australia) November 7-11 1994

4th International Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements in Africa Nairobi (Kenya) November 28-December 2 1994

Summer School on GPS for Geodesy Delft (Netherlands) March 26-April 1 1995

EUREF Symposium Helsinki (Finland) May 3-5 1995

IERS Workshop Paris (France) May 10-12 1995

IGS Workshop Potsdam (Germany) May 15-17 1995