These are RealMedia clips. The match was 3 Danes (Jesper, Peter and I) vs. 2 Finns (Jani and Niina) and 1 Swede (Karl). I'm afraid the Danish team lost due to lack of tactic skills (Peter and I will have to take the blame for that - "Hvor er det urutineret!"). I apologize for the large file sizes, but that's hard to avoid with video. I mainly put it here to make it available to the contestants and friends of which most have access to fast Internet connections.


1st couple - Jesper and Jani. We were shouting at Jesper for not running fast enough up the hill, but this proved to be quite wise! He ended up with a nice lead. 3957KB.





2nd couple - Niina and Peter. Peter had quite a lead, but had some problems choking his Wicked Ale. Niina does the best job of all, at least until she drops the sled at the end so she has to walk down. 8772KB.



3rd couple - Karl and I. Karl took off before me to catch the loose sled, and I tried really hard to catch up with him and get close enough to push or trip him! But he kept being just inches too far ahead for any dirty tricks. His drinking technique was far superior to mine, and he took off with a comfortable lead, ensuring the victory. At the end of the clip I'm shouting as I end up going heads first over the biggest hump on the hill. 7596KB.


At the end we had a tandem match, Denmark vs. Finland. I think it was pretty much a tie in spite of the Danes using dirty tricks, grabbing the Finns as we got close enough so we all crashed on the middle of the hill. Jani was first to get back on the sled, but I managed to hold him back until Jesper got on the sled too - only barely though because I fell, receiving an appropriate penalty as I knocked the head in the ground. That would have hurt if it hadn't been for the snow. 2612KB.


Loads of fun - maybe we can have another match before the snow melts.