Poul Flyvholm Jensen

Born February 19 1977 in Aalborg, Denmark.

I'm the youngest of 4 children, having two sisters (Lillian, born July 12 1971, and Laila, born March 11 1970) and a brother (Jens, born February 21 1968).

Spent the first years near the village Suldrup, then moved to Gundersted in 1984 and lived there till 1997 where I moved temporarily to Vognsild and then Aars before finally leaving home heading for Copenhagen.

My school record goes as follows: Preschool class in Suldrup School, 1. - 3. class in Gundersted School, 4. - 9. class in Hornum School, 3 years in high school at Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium, Aars, and then 4 years at University of Copenhagen, resulting in a bachelors degree in geophysics (June 2001).

I enrolled as a graduate student at University of Alaska, Fairbanks (September 2001) and am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Space Physics - my study plan says that I'll be finished in spring 2006, but let's see about that... :-)