I've made this fine little sketch showing Erik on a walk:


Much can be said about Erik, and I certainly intend to do so. He works as a meteorologist at a small private institute called Vejr 2, where he's probably the most unconventional employee (where wouldn't he be). But he sure puts a lot of effort into his work. As his homepage reveals he is also a dedicated angler. Besides fisherman's stories he'll use any possibility to tell old proverbs, and if he can't think of any he'll make up his own, which is usually totally nonsense. Especially when he's drunk. Then he babbles away, speaking or singing a mixture of Danish and German nonsense and denying everything. Loudly. He also invented the classic waving-trick, where he waves and smiles as he walks out to the toilet to puke. On home ground at 'El Toro' in Herning (a bar for rockers, people alike and Erik) people are not too delicate, so here he puked under the table instead. People showed good will towards him though, since his credit card was practically for free use in the bar. You can't accuse him of being stingy when he's out drinking. He gladly pays for things twice, if he can get away with it, and sometimes he leaves money, if he doesn't actually give them away on purpose. And if he's as lucky as to have lost his credit card (reducing the risk of abuse significantly) he'll give away what's at hand, for example his cycle-computer. Once he had to 'give away' his watch too because he took a taxi home without having his wallet - or his keys either, they were left in his locked appartment. So he went to a bar instead to call the police and report that a taxi driver stole his watch. They agreed, however, that Erik was somewhat drunk and that he probably didn't have a good case. Besides his wallet and keys he didn't have his jacket either, since he left it at a bar (neither the first time nor the last) before taking the taxi. Other times he has rode his bike home. Or at least tried to. Once the police stopped him because he rode without lamps. They were in his bag, but he didn't bother to find them, so he started to wheel instead. The police asked him where he was heading, and he answered 'home'. As they asked where 'home' was, he told that it was Valby, and so they explained that he was heading the opposite direction. In vain. He got lost again and ended up somewhere closer to where he started than to home. Here he decided to take a taxi - without bringing his bike along, of course. That would have been too easy. He had noted where he left it, however, so he was able to find it on a map and then pick it up later. As it appears Erik has had numerous crazy trips in town, but in April '01 he finally decided that it had to come to an end. He'd stop drinking. Just in time before he ran out of jackets. Not surprisingly he's not maintaining that policy anymore. Erik is generally fond of nature. Besides fishing he also spends some time in the green areas of Copenhagen watching birds (or at least that's what he claims to watch). He also likes running and wants to keep in shape, but has a small problem with his frequent visits at pizzerias. He likes eating raw spaghetti and onions too, and like Cank he has an addiction to Panodils and 'Little House on the Prairie'.

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