I've made this nice drawing of Cank!

Cank comes from a remote Danish island called Bornholm, and his actual name is Carsten Nikolai Kofoed (all people from Bornholm are named Kofoed). He finally obtained his bachelors degree in Meteorology in December '02 after having studied quantum mechanics intensively for several semesters. That wasn't quite the plan, so as a result he had to work at DMI the first several months for free. He  He's probably the most nostalgic man I've ever known. To see his face brighten up, just mention things like pigeon races, trams and Bee Gees. The name of a random bar in Copenhagen used to do the trick too, but he seems to be getting old. When it comes to work, Cank is definitely dutiful. As a student he would attend his work at a tank station, skipping his classes from noon to go home and get prepared to meet at work at 4 p.m. He had many other good reasons for skipping his classes. Usually they weren't really important, so instead he would show up at the university before 7 a.m. in the weekends to study. And thus quantum mechanics for... how many semesters? As another example of how sensible this man is he made a new years' promise to start smoking. Well, at least you can't blame him for making a promise he couldn't keep. He's sure smoking now. He's an A-person and likes to rise with the sun to watch morning-TV and especially 'Little House on the Prairie'. He´s addicted to his telly and probably even more to Panodils (headache pills). Has a habit of listening to Totos 'Hold The Line' a number of times before he goes to sleep.

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