For the second night in a row a major geomagnetic storm was going on, and being caught in Fairbanks was a pain. Now that I've got a camera I've realized that it is actually cloudy most of the time in Fairbanks during August-December. Often it's a thin cloud cover, but thin clouds can reflect city light effectively too and more than enough to ruin any photo that might otherwise have looked good. In contrast to the rest of the photos, this was the view from Fairbanks. Notice Ester Dome sticking up at the bottom. It is probably 15 miles out of town and just as orange and unnatural looking as anything in the vicinity of Fairbanks under these conditions. Light pollution may very well be what it takes to finally make me take that drivers license and get a car. A friend of mine who's a night owl as well fortunately agreed to take a ride out of town and look for holes in the clouds. It appeared we would have to drive a considerable distance out of town, so considering that it was 3.30AM I would say it was a rather optimistic decision. But sometimes you need to seek the luck to have it, and it proved to be well worth it.

The view from Fairbanks

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