Click on thumbnails to view larger version. This is probably the best display I have witnessed so far, and 2 other Danish students shared the experience with me. One of them hadn't seen an active display before and took off for Denmark the next day, so the timing was excellent. Note that these photos were taken with a wide angle lens (15mm). That bright purple band covered a good part of the sky and was extremely active. The rapid pulsating motion along the band smears out the discrete features during the 3.2 second exposures, making the band look almost uniform. This is illustrated by the strange-looking double band (9th photo) which isn't a double band at all. I accidentally moved the camera during an exposure, so it shows the same band photographed with 2 different exposure times. Notice how the structure which is evident in the shorter exposure is smeared out to an almost uniform band in the longer one. This is why I need a faster lens! :-)