Road trip to Seward March 16-18 2004 / Jesper with car & mtn
Poul Jensen

Jesper with car & mtn

Spring break meant a great opportunity to get out and use the camera. My Danish friend Jesper who is in Fairbanks for a semester had the same idea since he just got a camera too, so we rented a car and headed south to see some mountains and glaciers. This was pretty much Jesper's debut driving in Alaska and driving long trips at all, and I don't have a drivers license, so he ended up driving 1,086 miles (~1750 km) in less than 3 days - what a debut! Unfortunately that also means we spent a lot of time in that car rather than taking photos. With the photo sessions being a little stressed, both due to the tight schedule and to wind and freezing cold, a lot of the photos ended up being not so good. Yet I returned with more nice photos than I want to put in one gallery, but here are some of the best. First one shows Jesper and the car as we reached the Alaska Range and made the first stop to take photos.