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This homepage provides a great opportunity to present the beauty of Alaska to those who cannot share it with me. It has taken me quite a while (2½ years!) to make use of this, which happens to be as long as it took me to get a nice camera. Now I'm finally starting to take some presentable photos; see some of the best in the galleries below.

Newest gallery: Aurora gallery from April 4 2005.


The newest cloud movies: Summer/fall 2004 - lenticular clouds, smoke from a wildfire, snow showers and more. I do have movies from the past winter for a new gallery; I hope to get it online soon.

More cloud movies can be found in lower resolution in this cloud movie gallery (which also includes the newest ones so you can see if it's worth the download time). The larger versions are removed in order to make room for new movies; drop me an email if you'd like to see any.

Other movies: Featuring the moon, stone pile and radar tower construction, progress of the record wildfire season 2004 and more.

Aurora galleries: January 13-18 2005, November 9 2004, April 8 2004March 10 2004February 11 2004, January 29 2004, January 24 2004.

Aurora gallery plus more from February 4 2004, embedded in a story about the experiences I have as an inexperienced photographer. You may want to skip part of the story. :-)

Ice crystals adding some grace to the slush in front of the entrance to the Geophysical Institute.

Miscellaneous from last half of February '04.

Road trip to Seward March 16-18 2004. Alaska is cold, but beautiful.

Trip to New Mexico April 17-21 2004.

Somehow other photographers just keep taking better photos than me. Take a look at these:

Online and ongoing aurora photo contest.

Jan Curtis - an impressive collection here from Fairbanks.

Troy Birdsall - has an aurora webcam so you can see it real time plus impressive galleries containing both photos and videos. Also here from Fairbanks.

Yuichi Takasaka from Canada.

Juha Kinnunen from Finland.

Jouni Jussila from Finland.

The list could go on. More galleries can be found on Spaceweather.com.

Here are some video clips from a Scandinavian party - beer relay (ølstafet) on a sledding hill.

Some old stuff: A collection of more or less old photos from Denmark, and then my kind descriptions of a couple of friends:

Erjo (Erik Jørgensen): Spiteful meteorologist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), stationed in Karup.

Cank (Carsten Kofoed): Another Meteorologist at DMI. By now they're even paying him.

Anpan Han: Physics graduate student, now residing in Switzerland. Most entertaining Chinese the Alps have ever seen.

From Fairbanks, Alaska:

Information site - lots of information about Fairbanks.

Live camera 1        Live camera 2 (scroll down the page)

Live camera 3    and     Live camera 4 from the university I'm studying at.

Panorama view over Fairbanks from a hilltop. You'll find more photos (including nice panorama views) here.

From Copenhagen:

Rådhuspladsen (Copenhagen Town Hall Square)

Well, by now Copenhagen is crowded with webcams. If I don't have anything better to do some day, maybe I'll look through them and see if I find something interesting...

That's it! Thanks to Ulead (download their gif-animation editor here), Animator-9 (gif/jpg-animator, download here) and DivX (video compression tools, download here) for making the software available I've used to create the content on this site.

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Last updated April 6 2005.