What a snapshot! If you're not sure of what, this is arguably (not officially) Denmark's highest point, Yding Skovhøj - 172.60 m and sinking (6 cm over the past 50 years). 'Arguably' because it is quite an issue to determine Denmark's highest point, flat as it is! :-) Indeed, it becomes a subtle matter of definition. The site in the photo is really artificial: It is a burial mound from the Danish bronze age (1700 BC - 500 BC). Another such mound was found on the other candidate for Denmark's highest point just 3 km away, Ejer Baunehøj, but it was decided to clear it in 1924 to build a tower. Today the heights of 'the solid surface' of the hills have been defined to be 170.89 m for Ejer Baunehøj and 170.83 m for Yding Skovhøj, making the former Denmark's officially highest point by a whopping 6 cm. Go figure.