Here the challenges of aurora photography really began. Some features start brightening much more than others, and then the choice is between underexposing most of the image or overexposing the part where the action is taking place. For as far as possible I prefer avoiding overexposure. Also, what lens is preferable? In the photo below a brighter lens with a narrower field of view would have been superior to capture the detail of the active aurora, but now the fisheye was on the camera. The aurora can change much faster than you can change your lens, and it is hard to know what to expect. At times it is even impossible to adjust camera position and exposure time fast enough, so you end up shooting almost blindly and hoping for the best. I took no less than 267 images during this display, and even after picking the best and cropping (but no other editing), a lot of the images here still leaves you wishing that the photo had been framed and exposed differently. Yet, I think the results are fine for a happy amateur as me. :-)

.Fishy bright rays I

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