Road trip to Seward March 16-18 2004 / Jesper in car
Poul Jensen

Jesper in car

We refer to my big lens as 'The Paparazzi', and here I'm paparazzi'ing Jesper in the car. :-) He looks a little tired; he didn't sleep all that well in the car. But he got us back to Fairbanks safe and sound even though we were close to a disaster: We were VERY close to running out of gas on Parks Hwy! As we left Anchorage (or Wasilla to be specific), I didn't think about the gas level at all, and Jesper did notice we only had a quarter of a tank left but hadn't imagined that it would be that far between the gas stations even in Alaska. It was still very cold and windy with blowing snow, so we were quite concerned about the situation as we drove and drove and there was nothing in sight. It was quite a relief as we could finally pull in and tank up, and at that point the engine started jumping, so it wasn't a mile too soon!