The ESA Earth Explorer Mission "Gravity and Steady State Ocean Explorer Mission" (GOCE) aims at improving the determination of the gravity field of the Earth. This makes it possible to improve the solution of a number of problems within geodesy, oceanography, solid earth physics and glaciology. GOCE is planned to be launched 2005 and is supposed to collect data in a period of 2 years. The satellite will be placed in an orbit with altitude 250 km above the Earth so that it may determine gravity field variations with wavelengths below 100 km. A detailled description is found at ESTEC .
Support for a Satellite Gravity Data Analysis project has been received from the Science Research Council. Participants in the project are Department of Geophysics, (University of Copenhagen), Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen and Terma Elektronik A/S. The project leader is C.C.Tscherning , Department of Geophysics, from whom more information is available.

In the project the exploitation of GOCE will be prepared, and the project will participate in the European GOCE Gravity Consortium EGG-C .

Before the launch of GOCE data from CHAMP and GRACE will be exploited and used to test the methods.

The main focus of the project will be the use of the method of Least Squares Collocation for the preprocessing and final modelling of the data.

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