University of Copenhagen

Department of Geophysics.


30 June 1999

2. Progress Peport.

I.2.2., WP 1. Overall scientific data strategy.

Further work has not been done on this WP.

I.2.2., WP 2. Detailled Scientific data processing.

The direct estimation of potential coefficients has been described in a technical note
C.C.Tscherning: Prediction of spherical harmonic coefficients using Least-Squares Collocation - basic theory. Department of Geophysics May 1999,

The solution of very large systems using predonditioning based on locally supported kernels has been theoretically and numerically investigated. A draft paper ( to be included in a PhD-thesis) has been written:

G.Moreaux: Harmonic spherical splines with locally supported kenels, Department of Geophysics, June 23, 1999.

I2.2., WP 3. Scientific data processing algorithms.

The algorithms for coefficient estimation using least squares collocation have been implemented in new versions of GRAVSOFT programs GEOCOL (now geocol15) and COVFIT (now covfit12).

Numerical testing of recursive algorithms for the calculation of up to second order derivatives of solid spherical harmonics has been done.

An extensive testing program for the prediction of spherical harmonic coefficients has been agreed upon at a meeting in Thessaloniki between D.Arabelos and CC.Tscherning, see the plan for testing.

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