From Eoetvos to mGal

Description of ESA supported project and current news.

For a DRAFT description of the GOCE mission go to:
GOCE Mission .
And of the project:
Project home-page at TU-Graz.

University of Copenhagen is responsible for a number of work-packages, and contribute to several others.
Staff working on the project are:
C.C.Tscherning, University of Copenhagen
D.Arabelos, University of Thessaloniki, .
G.Moreaux, University of Copenhagen .

Status-reports for some of the workpackages are:
PM2 report.
Draft Mid-Term report, WP 2.
WP 3 progress Mid-Term report.
WP 2 contribution to final report.
WP 4 contribution to final report.
WP 5 contribution to final report.

Plan for testing coeff. prediction

Publication on the prediction of spherical harmonic coefficients.
Revised and expanded publ.
Postscript version (Submitted J.of Geodesy, 2000)

Papers by G.Moreaux are found here.
Final draft report without Appendix A.
Final draft report Appendix A.

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